LURA cleaning system

LURA cleans ... with the force of nature!

10 arguments in favour of LURA

  • Easy to use
  • Economical and effective cleaning
  • multifunctional devices through diversity
  • Investment for your health
  • Experience and expertise from one source
  • Neutralizes any odours – ideal for pets
  • Effective deep cleansing in a gentle way
  • An investment that pays off quickly
  • allergy prevention
  • cleanliness and hygiene for your well-being

LURA standard components

3m suction hose

➤ 3m suction hose

Combination nozzle for carpeted and hard floors

➤ Combination nozzle for carpeted and hard floors

Electric hose

➤ Electric hose

Electric brush

➤ Electric brush

Crevice nozzle

➤ Crevice nozzle

Upholstery nozzle with top

➤ Upholstery nozzle with top

Wall and ceiling nozzle

➤ Wall and ceiling nozzle

Dust Brush

➤ Dust Brush

Brush with a wrench

➤ Brush with a wrench

Accessory holder

➤ Accessory holder

Technical Data

  • Rated power: 220/230 V, 1400 W max.
  • Air flow: 50 l / s
  • Weight: only 6,4 kg (without water)
  • Water capacity: 2.5 l
  • Dimensions: 360 × 300 × 400 mm
  • Approvals: TUV, GS, E24, EMC, CE
  • Class: II
  • Protection: IPX4
  • LURA cleaning systems replace up to 9 devices worth over € 6000,00 in your household
  • recommended retail price by the manufacturer € 3995,00

Switch security when in open state.. separation rate > 99.997%

System expansion

Expand System
LURA wash system

LURA wash system

The optional LURA wash system allows you to remove most stubborn dirt and stains easily. In addition it is equipped with a spray and suction function. Through regular wet cleaning, you can neutralize unpleasant odour on your carpets, textiles and upholstery. Wet cleaning is highly recommended for the cleaning of car seats.