LURA Worldwide

The company

The product of the future belongs to an established group that has been specialising since 1967 in the sector of production and distribution of high-performance engines and household appliances.
The product LURA is expanding globally in over 20 countries.
The high quality of LURA has guaranteed rapid growth in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
LURA is produced in our own high technology plants. After many years of development and testing, all parts and engines are patented.

LURA is always presented to the customer by our expert staff in order to demonstrate the wide range of application and functionality of our machines. LURA's customers include private households, physicians, institutions, sanatoriums, hotels, guest houses, tourist operations, health food stores and health establishments, hair salons, beauty salons, etc.

LURA is environmentally friendly and sustainable…It contributes towards a healthy future.

We have successfully set ourselves a goal in the development of LURA to avoid the environmental impact of cleaning chemicals, filters or dirty containers.
Even the packaging of LURA is mostly organic!

LURA cleans … with the force of nature! Just simple water!

The extremely long life-time of the LURA also contributes to an extremely high level of environmental friendliness.
LURA guarantees comfort and well-being and high quality of life in your living space!
LURA is so easy to use that it’s guaranteed a fixed place in every household!


Worldwide Success
LURA Worldwide Expansion